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Michelin Tyres

Michelin Group is a leading, global tyre manufacturing brand incorporated in 1889. It has 123 production units in 26 nations with a commercial presence in more than 170 nations. Innovation has and continues to play a crucial role in its growth and performance.

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Please look at some of the Michelin car tyres models we stock:


Enjoy driving in any weather condition with the category best-seller MICHELIN CROSS CLIMATE 2. This variant comes equipped with a thermal adaptive thread compound that adapts to changing road temperatures. A leader in dry braking and wet braking, CROSS CLIMATE 2 promises excellent snow braking. Additionally, the Cool Running Sidewall improves fuel efficiency by absorbing less energy during flexion.

Summer Variant: MICHELIN PRIMACY 4+

Designed with MICHELIN EverGrip Technologies, PRIMACY 4+ delivers the best wet braking performance, aquaplaning control and excellent longevity. The latest generation of rubber compound is equipped with a self-rejuvenating tread and has two rubber rigidities that ensure on-road safety even when the tyres are worn.

Winter Variant: MICHELIN ALPIN 6

Made to resist severe winter conditions, ALPIN 6 promises excellent mileage. This winter tyre variant features a grooved tread pattern and multi-layered tread compound, which widens as the tyre wears. It enables superb traction and braking on snow. Also, the innovative treadwear indicator by MICHELIN allows easy tracking of tyre wear.

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